While family travels can be highly rewarding, the entire endeavor can be challenging and stressful, especially with toddlers in tow. If you’re planning your next family getaway, here are seven valuable travel tips to help make your vacation memorable and efficient.

Pack in advance

Packing for a family vacation can be overwhelming, so avoid procrastinating and ensure everything is packed up a few days before your trip. Create a list for each family member and have them review it. If you’re letting your older children pack their own bags, make it a point to inspect their belongings beforehand, as they may inadvertently bring restricted items.

Envision your kids’ outfits daily and pack them in this manner to help save luggage space and keep everything organized. You should also pack items that can help you explore your intended destination. For instance, if you’re going to Disney World, bringing a map can help you efficiently navigate the theme park, saving you precious time and effort. 

Use Ziploc bags

Aside from save-spacing packing cubes, you can also pack your children’s items in transparent Ziploc bags and label them individually. Storing them in Ziploc bags can save you from the hassle of rummaging through your luggage, especially when at the airport or in public places. Since Ziploc bags have multiple purposes, make sure you have additional Ziploc bags in your go-to bag. 

Bring painter’s tape

Painter’s tape is another travel essential for families with small children. You can use it to childproof your accommodation, as a DIY luggage tag, and even keep your little ones occupied and entertained.

Rent children equipment

Renting baby equipment has become popular over the years as it helped parents travel efficiently and comfortably with their young ones. With rental baby items, you no longer need to bring bulky equipment such as strollers and car seats, saving you from unrealistic baggage fees and unnecessary stress. You have fewer items to worry about and less to carry around.

Forego screen time

While minimizing your child’s screen time is necessary, allowing them to use their electronic devices when traveling can help reduce breakdowns and prevent fights. Letting your kids enjoy their gadgets can also provide you with much-needed rest during downtime days. However, make sure that they put away their devices whenever you’re outdoors or in a tourist area so that they can fully enjoy the travel experience.

Take advantage of priority lanes

One of the many benefits of traveling with kids is the priority lanes. Navigating the airport can be stressful for children as most are not fond of standing and waiting in long lines. Take advantage of priority lanes as much as possible and ask for help from airport personnel when needed.

Book flights strategically

Since flying with kids is already challenging, being strategic with your flights can significantly help make the plane ride more manageable. Choose flights that complement your child’s sleeping schedule or have less airport waiting time. Pre-booking seats is also best to ensure your family gets seats together. Seat your little one in the window seat to keep them from roaming in the aisle or fidgeting in their seat.

With these travel tips, traveling with children no longer needs to be stressful. Take note of these tips and start making precious memories with your loved ones.