Štítek: Netherlands

Our Weekend Trip to Rotterdam

Last year we made a weekend trip to Rotterdam. Living in the countryside, it was a great refreshment to be suddenly in a busy full of modern architecture, people, and boats of all dimensions. We were looking forward in particular to our stay in Hotel N…

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Walk around Château Neercanne

This beautiful castle is situated on the Dutch-Belgian border, South from Maastricht and near the Belgian village of Kanne. It was built by the end of 17th century and it is the only terraced château in the Netherlands. Château Neercanne is a great pla…

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Thorn, the White Town

Have you ever heard of Thorn? It is a little pretty town located in the region of Limburg in the South of the Netherlands, just over the border with Belgium and Germany. For the country it’s quite an unusual town – nearly all the houses and…

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