Winter days ~ Zimné dni

Sunday again! The week disappeared in a hood, as usual. How was your week by the way? I had a lot work with my blog… will let you know more soon ♥In the hope that spring will show up earlier I bought some spring bulb flowers. So much fun for a little…

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The story of a jean jacket

Nebojte, nebudem tu písať o histórii Levis. Chcem len napísať niečo o mojom vzťahu k móde. Každá z nás ho totiž má – či už v zmysle, že chce byť štýlová, v pohodlí alebo „iba“ krásna… Ja sa chcem cítiť krásnou, ale zároveň tomu nechcem venovať až tak…

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Stay warm!

{this post contains adlinks}The last couple of days have been very chilly… I`m glad I bought this pair of gloves in autumn ♥ Also glad because they are sold out again! I found a pair in beautiful gray and very stylish black HERE and HERE.Ninka is hav…

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Happy National Tulip Day!

Let`s enjoy the weekend with some tulips ♥Do you guys plant tulips in your garden? Or just buy fresh in a flower shop?I plant and buy. This year I`m thinking about buying some from my instagram friends – Fam Flower Farm. Look how beautiful tulips they …

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