Štítek: Cakes & Pies

Pumpkin Roll

Here is my favorite pumpkin cake of the last two years! The pumpkin roll is a delicious light small-portion cake that shouldn’t be missed from your autumn tables – it is super easy to make while it can still impress your guests. The spiced …

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Poppy Seed Cake

From time to time, I like to bake the traditional Czech Poppy Seed Cake in Belgium. We, Czechs are crazy about poppy seed! Those of you who have already visited Czech republic, you may have noticed bakeries full of baked goods with poppy seed, we even …

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Layer Chocolate Cake with Ganache

Long time I resisted traditional chocolate cakes. I had the feeling they were too heavy and always prefered to eat a piece of good chocolate on its own rather than a heavy cake. The truth is that now I don’t understand how could I had lived witho…

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Dutch Apple Pie

Once the summer is gone, I always look forward to the early autumn days when the fresh garden apples are ready to be picked up. It always makes this seasonal transition less painful. Besides juicy fresh apples, I love to use them in  baking pies a…

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Adeline’s First Birthday Cake

Time flies! I cannot believe that it has been already one year since our little Adeline was born! We were first planning to celebrate her birthday just in the family circle and then we were even thinking to make it bigger and invite also friends. In th…

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Chocolate Orange Ricotta Fondant Cake

Hello, my foodie friends! After quite some time, today I share with you a recipe for something sweet again! This one has been waiting in my concepts since we came back from our travel to Colombia last May, awaiting the winter season… Eh, I feel l…

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