There are moments when I realise why not many people can do it. Pack all their stuff into boxes, sell the car, bed, furniture, TV and all life’s niceties. Take a few T-shirts, shorts, singlets, boots, jandals (flip flops), camera and sunnies, and just buy one way flight somewhere far away from place they used to call their ‘home’. It’s a damn hard thing! It hurts like hell. Especially moments like saying goodbye to your friends, family, your gym where you go almost every day – oh, how I´ll miss my classes! Saying goodbye to our bed was especially painful! We love our soft and comfy bed! When we think about those bunks in 15 person, stinky dorms without aircon – oh yeaaaah – that almost brings tears into our eyes. BUT THAT ALL IS GOING TO BE WORTH IT, just wait!
Yes, you all, who are sitting on your bums at home being scared of something like that, there are moments, when I fully understand your fear. But you know what!? When you pass this painful almost tearful downtime, when you give up your house keys and the only thing dangling on your key ring is bottle opener, yes – when you are officially homeless, when you fill the big dust bin with stuff that you don´t really need (even you used to seriously think you do), when you have nothing to hold you back. Having the best travelling buddy next to you and going towards to the huge 8 months of adventure, all that pain disappears. It is all gone!!!
We had some hiccups. For example the “car story” (some of you are probably interested in that one) when I went to wash our car before we were selling it that night. Heh what are the chances, that the Car Wash destroys your car on the day, you are selling it? Well ask me! Because I was “lucky” enough! The first few seconds, when the washing stopped in the middle of the process with loud cracking were terrifying. When the door of the car wash opened, I drove out and the car was still covered by big layer of foam. I jumped out to look what is going on… oh I couldn´t even breathe. I didn´t know what to do! I just set there behind the car on the ground looking at the totally bend back bumper. Laughing and crying at the same time.
When the manager (of BP Service station – not like I want to point that out 😀 ) casually walked towards me I was in hysterics. And you know what? When he saw the bumper, I am sure he was in bigger shock than me. You should see him! “OMG! That is from the car wash? No way! This is my first day here, I am just covering for another manager.” said with panic in his voice. Well this will be fun! He disappeared for a while and there was a moment I thought he will never come back when he appeared. “So I looked at the camera and you were perfectly in the middle. So it wasn´t your fault.” Oh damn, I didn´t even think about that option, but that actually made me feel more confident in this sticky situation. I knew I can get stuff sorted now. Truly that moment I was proud of myself and my English. Yeah – I got so good! I got everything sorted. I was probably lucky that the guy was new and he was trying to help as much as he could. The fact, that we were supposed to sell the car that evening made this all much more urgent.
When I stopped shaking and my heart beat got bearable I took the paper towels with window cleaner and got back to the cleaning the car. (Yes I made them to give me my money back for the wash, don´t worry 😀 ). When the car was nice and shiny again and I got all the paperwork for the insurance done (made them to write down that they take all the responsibility) oooh and when I got a lot of duct tape all around my bumper to hold it up – I got on my way home. On one of the intersections (where you wait for hours for green light), I took my phone and tried to set it up for hands-free (I returned my lovely work phone that morning and fighting with that little old “thing” drives me crazy). Aaaaaand that was the biggest mistake ever, because next to me were cops (under cover) – oh yeah. Got $80 ticket for holding phone in my hand. No explanation, no tears helped (and they were massive tears I tell you!) I gave up on that day. Even I should do a lot of packing and cleaning, all I was willing to do was dinner, lie in bed and breathe. 😀
So this was only one story from all those others. How I wrote already, it isn´t easy path, but not everybody gets the chance to travel for 8 months, right? You have to deserve it, I believe this is some kind of tax, you have to pay, for all that sweet time without work and only worries you have are your tan lines! (How Steve says).
In the end everything end up well, insurances worked quite fast (my constant calling them probably had some effects) and we managed to drop off the car at the panel beaters the day after. The buyer was not very happy, but I can tell, she was more than understanding. We gave it to the panel beaters close to her home, left all the stuff in the car for her – and yes, our “baby” is officially gone…
Taking bus back home was quite a sensation for me – looking out from the window trying not to think about leaving this gorgeous city (it was quite hard – looks so stunning in sunshine and no wind). Now just get everything packed, cleaned and we are ready to go…
And here we are, on our ferry which is taking us down to the South Island, sitting here and writing these lines for you. All our stuff is packed in our “relocation car” – yeah, we were quite lucky and Steve found one from Napier to Nelson. They had to be desperate, because they are paying petrol, the ferry for the car and both of us, some pocket money for expenses. Only thing we payed was 5 hours bus up to Napier ($17 each wasn´t that bad, don´t you think? 😀 )
We are homeless, we are tired, we don´t own much… but we´ve got each other and especially overwhelming excitement for our journey to South East Asia, which starts in 4 days! Yes, only 4 days! I think we are the richest people in the world!

Napier – Tuki Tuki mountain

Marlborough Sounds – New Zealand

Marlborough Sounds – New Zealand

Oh maaan – How I will miss these two and their Grit!!

Completely dead after the lesson with this little devil! Will miss her and her energy so much!

Our packing mess

All done and packed in our relocation car!